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Paul Brawley
Richland County Auditor

Paying taxes is something most of us do not enjoy but our tax dollars are necessary to ensure government services and protections that enhance our quality of life are provided to every Richland County resident. As the County Auditor for Richland County, I have ensured that the taxes you pay, and those you are legally exempted from paying, are billed fairly. 

As the county auditor, I have used my experience in government, business and community to work toward a more efficient and accountable government for the citizens of Richland County.  As pledged during my 2006 campaign for Richland County Auditor, I have worked to ensure that your taxes are accurate, that taxpayers understand their rights, and the Auditor's office is accessible to citizens. To that end, we have extended office hours until 5:30 p.m. and, we have revised the tax bills to make them more readable. Information pertaining to tax exemptions and taxpayer rights on the bill is simplified and more understandable. I have also challenged County Council and others to keep taxes at a reasonable pace for taxpayers during this economic downturn. Under my administration as Richland County Auditor, the county's bond rating has improved to AA+, which lowers the cost of borrowing for government needs and keeps tax increases at a minimum. During my term as Auditor, I have hired a diverse, competent, customer-friendly staff, dedicated to ensuring that every citizen is respected.

On June 8th, I need your vote to continue the progress we have made over the past three years.

As the county Auditor, I will continue to make the citizens of Richland County my first priority. "People over Politics."

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